Kitchen Helpers and Foldable Learning Towers

What are the benefits of Montessori learning towers?

Montessori learning towers, in any of their versions (such as a foldable learning tower, or a basic kitchen helper), make it easier for children to participate in daily family activities which they would not be able to take part in due to their short stature. Now, standing on the tower’s platform (always under the supervision of an adult), they can learn without obstacles.

Children can perform activities such as washing the dishes, helping with cooking, organizing things, looking at themselves in the bathroom mirror, brushing their teeth or washing their hands independently, reaching for objects, or simply observing their parents or siblings with the learning tower.

Thanks to the learning tower, children become more involved in all house activities. And most importantly: they discover new things and learn. It’s a central furniture piece according to the Montessori principles.

Some of the benefits your children will get by having one at home are:

  • Strengthen their self-esteem by getting involved in “grown-up” activities
  • Develop greater independence by doing things by themselves
  • Generate a higher self-confidence and decision-making capacity
  • Develop their physical ability by learning to get on and off, or by arranging the different settings of a foldable learning tower
  • Spend quality family time by sharing more activities than before
Montessori learning tower foldable grey

What’s the right time to start using a learning tower?

It all depends on the development of each child, but in general terms, it can be used starting at approximately 18-20 months. It is important children know how to walk and have steadiness in their legs so they can stand on the tower and climb it independently.

Although its use is more widespread between 2 and 4 years old, it can be used up to the age of 6 for more complex activities that require a certain height, such as taking something out of the fridge.

IMPORTANT: For children under 4 years old, it’s recommended to always use the learning tower under an adult’s supervision who should be able to provide support and guidance if needed.

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