Montessori Beds

What are the benefits of Montessori beds?

The main function of the Montessori bed is to guarantee deep sleep for children which is key to their development and well-being. But they also need to move freely, according to their stage of development.

The Montessori-inspired beds (either a Montessori bed with rails, a teepee bed, or the popular house beds) are lower than the traditional ones, and the mattress is practically placed at floor level. In general, it is recommended to start using them from the fourth month of life when the baby begins to crawl. This stage is when they will take the most advantage of having a bed at ground level.

When children can walk freely and have grown a bit, you can place the bed slightly higher, allowing them to get up and down on their own.

When to go for a Montessori bed with rails?

For younger children, a Montessori floor bed with rails can help prevent them from falling out of bed during the night. This ensures comfort and safety for the child, while providing parents with peace of mind.

Montessori learning tower foldable grey

Some of the key benefits of using a Montessori low bed


Being adaptable not only to the size of the child but also to their level of development, this bed allows the child to discover their environment from an early age, as they can get up and down whenever they want.


Being almost at ground level, there is no risk of falls. By eliminating the typical crib bars, the risk of the child getting trapped between them also disappears. And for younger children, a Montessori bed with rails can add extra safety while needed.


By giving the child the freedom to move around the room and discover their surroundings without the need for adult assistance, autonomous learning is stimulated.

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