Montessori Playgrounds

What are the benefits of playground toys?

You must have heard a lot about Montessori playgrounds and wooden toys inspired by the popular pikkler triangle, and there’s a good reason for that. Having a playground at home is not just a brilliant way to keep children physically active, entertained, and away from screens—it’s also a unique way to support child-rearing philosophies for encouraging the development of a myriad of skills.

Inspired by the Montessori principles and Pikler designs, all our playground wooden toys and pieces are created to stimulate children’s motor development, curiosity, and cognitive functions.

They allow children to play independently (with adult supervision until appropriate) and train motor skills at their own pace. Playing on the playground also helps them increase their awareness of their surroundings and encourages them to explore. Children will learn to be curious and confident while learning what their bodies are capable of.

Our Montessori playgrounds can take many forms, depending on the elements you select and how you combine them. And that’s the beauty of it! You can always add new elements with countless ways to arrange the parts to create a different setup every time. All parts are designed to connect with others, so children can imagine and build the frames and structures they want over and over again.

Also, our wooden toys are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, providing maximum versatility.


Some of the benefits of Montessori playgrounds and Pikler-inspired wooden toys

They support the development of:

– Gross motor skills and physical strength: By playing, crawling, climbing, and pulling up, using their arms, legs, and torso all at once.
– Coordination and balance control: As they progress on their climbing skills, children will also improve their sense of balance and coordination – especially their hand-eye coordination.
– Independence: By making their own decisions on arranging and combining their playground pieces in different ways and deciding how to use them.
– Practical skills: By learning to constantly avoid obstacles, keep their balance, and find solutions in different situations.
– Self-confidence: By experimenting with their bodies and self-boundaries at their own pace, without the help of their parents.
– Curiosity: By trying new setups and combinations, exploring ways to use the toys, and discovering the world around them through their own experience

Large Pikler triangle

About the climbing triangle (inspired by the Pikler triangle)

The triangles – inspired by the famous Pikkler triangle – are the perfect starting point for creating a playground, either indoors or outdoors. They can be easily adjusted, changing the shape and level of climbing difficulty to match the child’s ability. The parts can be interconnected, and by combining the triangles – or by adding an arch or slide – you can create the most incredible, fun, and ever-changing playgrounds. The possibilities are endless!

About the arch

The arch is one of the key elements that provide the most possibilities when building a playground. It works as a bridge and as a connecting point for other elements, increasing the challenges (and fun!) for children looking for ever-changing climbing frames. It can also be placed on the top of the frames, allowing for house or cave-like constructions.

Furthermore, it can be used upside down, as a rocker for smaller children, and repurposed later on once the child is ready to climb it. The arch is the one piece that can grow with your child from the baby stage to the most active stages of their childhood.

Montessori arch for playground
pikler triangle and slide

About the slide

The slide works as a connector between other pieces (triangles or arch), serves as a bridge, and functions as a climbing ramp…and, of course, as a slide!
It’s two-sided: the smooth side makes the sliding fun and easy, and the side with steps supports climbing games. The climbing simulator develops the dexterity and strength of the child’s arms and legs and also helps them acquire their sense of balance.

Its sturdy edges protect children from falling, so they can play safely. The slide brings a lot of versatility to any playground set and encourages imagination when building playground combinations.

Recommended age

The playground’s toys are recommended for children from the age of 8 months or whenever they start crawling.
The arch alone can be used for babies as a rocker or as a structure under which they can play or sleep, with their favourite toys hanging from the bars.

It’s always recommended parents look after young children when playing and keep them under supervision for safety reasons.

What makes our playground toys a great choice

Safety: All edges are rounded and all pieces are made of ecological material.

Convenience: They’re easy to carry and easily transformed into different shapes to suit the child’s age and level of difficulty needs.

Design: The structure’s design is made to fit beautifully into any home interior.

Durability: All triangles, arches, and slides are made of 18 mm Baltic Birch plywood with child-safe coating, are moisture resistant, and contain oiled ash wood steps. They’re suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and are easy to clean.

Versatility: All pieces can be interconnected so you can keep adding parts to your sets and build playgrounds as big as your child’s imagination.

Montessori toys setups
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