Montessori inspiration

Montessori education encourages children to take an active role in their own learning and explore the world by fostering autonomy. That’s why everyday objects are adapted for young learners – so they can reach things themselves and become more independent! In Montessori education, it is essential (and necessary) that children have opportunities to explore on their own without relying too heavily on adults.

How to implement this in the child’s bedroom?


It is important to have enough space for them to move around, a good clean environment, and high quality lighting/ventilation.

Child bedroom Montessori style


To create a calm and peaceful atmosphere, warm colours are preferable, as they help foster relaxation and a pleasant rest.

Montessori low bed in child room


Have a safe and easy-to-navigate environment for your child by ensuring there are no obstacles on the ground they could trip over.

House storage in child bedroom


It is recommended that all the furniture is at the child’s height, so that they feel comfortable in their environment, having the things they want within their reach. This fosters their independence and autonomy. For example, a mirror at their height allows them to look at themselves and discover their body. And having a coat rack at their height makes it easy for them to hang their own clothes.

Montessori tepee bed in child room


It is best to have a bed at ground level. This protects the child’s safety, but also makes it easier for them to explore around without depending on an adult to get in and out of their own bed. It is suggested to avoid common bars and enclosed cribs after 18 months old.


When it comes to toys, natural materials like cloth and wood are preferred over plastic. It is also best to avoid too many external stimuli such as lights and sounds, as they can be a bit overwhelming and actually limit their creativity!


It is important to respect and encourage order, for which it is recommended to have a place for everything. It is not recommended to have too many items in the room.

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