Montessori house bed
Montessori house bed
Montessori house bed natural 4
Under bed drawer full bottom
foam mattress
additional wooden legs natural 2
Montessori Bed Set with under-bed drawer and mattress
Montessori house bed
Montessori house bed
Montessori house bed natural 4
Under bed drawer full bottom
foam mattress
additional wooden legs natural 2

Set: Natural Montessori Wide Bed House 90×200 cm+ Sweet Dreams Mattress + Under Bed Drawer


If you already fell in love with the Montessori – Wide Bed House, also need to get a comfortable mattress to make sure your little one has the best sleep experience,  and need extra storage space to optimize the order in the room, then this set is very convenient for you, because you get it all together, while saving money.

• Colours in the pictures can differ a bit from the real-life product, depending on your screen setup.
• Decorations are not part of the product.
• The colour of the mattress’ core can be different from the one in the picture.
• We deliver the mattress rolled, so it is necessary to unpack it immediately once received and place it on a flat surface.

Product characteristics

Warranty: 3 years

This set includes:

1) Montessori – Wide Bed House 90×200 cm natural decor (unvarnished)

2) Mattress Sweet Dreams 90×200 cm

3) Under Bed Drawer – On Wheels 90×180 cm natural decor (unvarnished), full bottom

4) Set of Additional Wooden Legs 20 cm natural decor (unvarnished)



– Shape: House with roof

– Dimensions: 90×200 cm

– Colours: Natural décor (unvarnished)

– Material: 6 cm prisms and boards from spruce wood

– Bearing capacity: 150 kg

– Evolutionary design: Yes. With the incorporation of additional bed legs, the bed can be raised 20 cm to fit the under-bed drawer.



– Mattress height: 15 cm + 1-2 cm

– Dimensions: 90×200 cm

– Top layer material: cold HR foam T25 lower medium stiffness

– Bottom layer material: cold HR foam T28 medium stiffness

– Load capacity: 120 kg

– Stiffness: 4.5

– Special benefits: 100% anti-allergy, bonded with natural Swiss water-based glue, consulted with orthopaedists. The gaps between the layers provide more comfort and adapt to all sleeping positions.

– Double-sided: yes

– Cover: 100% PES stitched with fleece 200g and PES knit, 100% anti-allergenic, divisible with a zipper in two halves

– Maintenance: the cover can be washed at 60°C


Under Bed drawer

– Height: 22 cm

– Length: 180 cm

– Width: 90 cm

– Colours: Natural decor (unvarnished)

– Material: spruce wood boards

– Bearing capacity: 150 Kg

– Variant: Full bottom

– Includes: Wheels

Shipping time

We deliver to all countries within the EU – Delivery time is 3-6 weeks.

Why do we take longer than you’d expect? Because we produce on demand. In order to offer you the large variety of sizes and colours we do without wasting materials, energy, or any resources in the process, we build your furniture once we know exactly what you want. Being responsible producers and taking care of the planet is part of our commitment to not only your children but also to the ones to come.

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